Turkish Shakespeares Project (Call for Researchers)

deadline for submissions: 
July 10, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Turkish Shakespeares Project


Turkish Shakespeares Project (Call for Researchers)

The Turkish Shakespeares Project seeks new researches to join its Research Team.

The Turkish Shakespeares Research Team has an interdiciplinary nature and consists of scholars who are from a broad research area and study Shakespeare in Turkey. Team – Turkish Shakespeares (wordpress.com)

While our current scholars are from the English Language and Liteature, Turkish Language and Literature, Theatre, and Translation departments, we aim to include scholars from other disciplines, including but not limited to, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, History, and many more.


Eligibility for joining the team include

  • specialising in the study of Shakespeare (in Turkey),
  • being at a relevant stage of an academic career (at least being a PhD student),
  • and a commitment to engage with Turkish Shakespeares' research activities.


If you would like to join our Research Team, please send a short bio (100-150 words) and a brief statement of interest to turkishshakespeares@gmail.com. (You can join our team beyond the deadline).


While the project originates in Turkey, we are especially looking forward to have non-Turkish researchers in our Research Team.


In the near future, we will announce other possible venues to join our team.

Stay tuned!


Turkish Shakespeares Team 


For more information visit our website: Turkish Shakespeares (wordpress.com)

Twitter page: TurkishShakespeares (@TurkishShakes) / Twitter

YouTube channel promotional video: https://youtu.be/52SWkLPvK3U (airs on 23.04.2022)