MPCA/ACA Call for Papers: East Asian Popular Culture (Deadline May 15, 2022)

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May 15, 2022
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Midwest Popular Culture Association/Midwest American Culture Association
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MPCA/ACA Call for Papers

East Asian Popular Culture


We're excited about the fantastic proposals we've received so far and look forward to receiving more!

Come join our growing groups of panels, share and enhance your papers, and enjoy Chicago~~

Doctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate individuals and panel groups are welcome to apply!

Individuals will be connected with an appropriate panel.


Proposal Deadline: May 15, 2022

Conference: Friday-Sunday, October 14-16, 2022 

Location: DePaul University, Chicago, IL (in-person)

For questions, please contact the East Asian Popular Culture Area Chair: 

Submit Paper, Panel, or Roundtable abstracts to:

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East Asian Popular Culture Area Details:

The East Asian Popular Culture area explores various media and social phenomena from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • tracing the cultural continuity of traditional tropes in modern works
  • understanding how popular culture embraces and/or subverts its predecessors
  • researching the transculturality of media work
  • analyzing media representations of "Others" and international events in Asian popular media platforms
  • innovative retellings of traditional narratives in popular formats and with modern interpretations
  • exploring the connections among works from Asia in connection to other Asian cultures, the Asian diaspora, and non-Asian cultures
  • and locating thematic threads across multiple media outlets (such as music, film, animation, etc.).

We love interactions between the academic and the popular and appreciate those who see things from creative perspectives! 

Possible presentation concepts include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploring Squid Game’s thematic connections to Korean culture specifically and to global culture generally
  • Analyzing popular representations in East Asian military/war films and historical dramas and the influences on historical memory and national identity
  • Exploring representations of violence in mass-consumed popular East Asia media (video games, music videos, news media, films, episodic series, visual art, manga)
  • Tracing the influences of ancient ghost story tropes in East Asian fantasy and horror films, such as the FantAsia Kung Fu horror-comedies A Chinese Ghost Story
  • Understanding how Cowboy Beebop’s genre hybridity intersects with Japanese samurai culture
  • Investigating BTS’s and/or Blackpink’s marketing that balances between individual authenticity and global mass consumption
  • Contemplating COVID’s impacts on Asian fashion, music, society…


*If you have a set of three-four people who want to create an individual panel in the East Asian Popular Culture area, please contact to organize this possibility.


Come share your unique insights on East Asian Popular Culture, gather feedback, and take your project to the next level.


Abstract Requirements:

  • Name(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Email address(es)
  • Title

250-word Abstract: Suggested Outline & Points to Include

  • Background/Introduction/Setting
  • Purpose/Originality
  • Methods/Conceptual Framework
  • Aims/Objectives
  • Evidence
  • Results/Implications
  • Conclusions/Social Value


  • Each person may submit only one paper. Please do not submit the same item to more than one area.
  • Notification alerts on a rolling basis.
  • Provisional conference schedule posted on MCCAACA website around August 2022.
  • The final program copy will be distributed in hard copy at the conference.
  • This year, the in-person conference will be held at DePaul University instead of a hotel. Conference participants will be responsible for securing their own lodging.
  • More information can be found at
  • Email East Asian Popular Culture Area Chair: with any questions.
  1. Special Notes Regarding Proposal Submissions: (1) AV equipment will be provided. The Association does not provide laptops, cords, or speakers.  (2) If necessary, indicate and submit potential scheduling conflicts along with your proposal. (3) If you wish your presentation to be listed as MACA (rather than MPCA), please include this request with your proposal.
  2. Panels will run at the following approximate times: Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am -5:30 pm, and Sunday 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Special events may include game night on Thursday evening, featured speakers and awards ceremony on Friday evening, and a keynote speaker on Saturday evening. These events will be free for conference registrants.