State of Interim - Symposium for young positions on the intersection of art and artificial intelligence

deadline for submissions: 
April 30, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Kaeur Studio
contact email: 

State of Interim is an interdisciplinary open conference on the intersection art, creativity and AI. Kaeur studio, a young research platform, is cooperating with students from the University of fine Arts Hamburg to create space for young positions. We are calling for young researchers, coders, artists and beyond. For more information have a look on our website!

 The STATE OF INTERIM defines a halting moment, an  in-between, in a continuous march of time. A temporal intervention that aims to instill a space for investigating present artifacts that readily hold the potential configurations of futures.  Through a close engagement of our present, we wish to topple the superficially dystopian narratives that lay claim to articulate future modes of technology and human existence.

You can submitt your abstract via the submitting form on the website or via email to