Closing in 4 days - call for abstracts: Folio: Stories of Australian Comics

deadline for submissions: 
April 30, 2022
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Folio team




How are Australian comics made, read, contested, thought about,
produced – what do Australian comics mean to you? We are a research
team called Folio; we are academics from three universities working
with a broader group of practitioners on an Australian Research
Council project to tell stories of contemporary Australian comics
1980-now. The project entails putting together an interactive history
and archive of the last 40 years of comics in Australia.

We are putting together a proposed book that will grow out of the
project in response to an invitation from an international publisher.
We are interested in hearing from scholars of all kinds, Australian
and international, such as comics-makers, creative practice
researchers and artist-critics, scholars from other disciplines
including but not limited to medical humanities, literary and cultural
studies/ histories/ geographies, creative writing, visual arts and
graphic design, print and digital publishing studies, media and film,
on Australian comics topics of interest.

One of our guiding ideas is that Australian comics represents a
complex intersecting ‘ecology’ of many different genres, networks and
formats. We want our project to highlight the many nodes of this
ecology, mapping and traversing the ways in which they interconnect.

As such, essays can be in a mix of forms, prose, comics or both, and
can incorporate personal experience.

Essays might ask: What is 'Australia' in Australian comics? How does
it look? How does it sound? What is the Australian comics ‘scene’?
What places, people and atmospheres make this scene what it is?  What
are the limiting or excluding aspects of the Australian comics world?
How has Australian comics tracked or offered counterpoint to social
shifts as they relate to decolonisation and Indigenous sovereignty,
gender and sexuality, understandings of environmental crisis,
understandings of capital? What about changes in production and
distribution format, including the digital? How is the Australian
comics world situated within comics globally? How have key artists
advanced the form? Which quality artists remain underread and
under-described? How have you made comics? How has comics made you?

We are seeking abstracts of 200 words by 30 April 2022; abstracts
should come accompanied with a short bio and an outline of how the
work will be presented.


30 April 2022 – 200-word abstracts due
June 2022 – Editors respond to abstracts
December 20 2022 – Full essays between 3000 and 5000 words, or 10 and
20 comics pages, due (Instructions on format will be sent on
acceptance of abstract)
Early 2023 – Essays and comics sent for peer review
2024 – Projected publication

Please send abstracts and queries to

About Folio and the research team: