“The Street and the City – Encounters” — Extended deadline

deadline for submissions: 
May 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies

We are pleased to announce that the submissions deadline for paper, panel and roundtable proposals for the Conference “The Street and the City – Moments”, taking place at the University of Lisbon (7-9 September 2022), has now been extended until 15th May 2022. 

Submissions to the conference are invited from a broad range of disciplines including literature, cultural studies, anthropology, history, politics, the social sciences and other related disciplines. 

We welcome proposals for papers, pre-organised panels and roundtables.   Please see the conference webpage for a link to the full Call for Papers announcement and submission guidelines.

 “The Street and the City – Encounters” 

Cities come alive and build themselves from moments. Moments we breathe in the present, moments that shape both collective and individual memories. All these memories drift from a solitary pace in a crowd, to a dialogue between us and the other united by the urb. As in Dickens’s words (1859) “a multitude of people and yet a solitude.”

This conference aims at approaching topics from the past, both nearby or further away; topics from the present, globally, locally or glocally relevant and topics from the future – real or imaginary. Mumford (1961) states that “the origins of the city are obscure, a large part of its past buried or effaced beyond recovery, and its further prospects are difficult to weigh.”

We propose the analysis of moments of political and social unrest, which affect the everyday city life emptying the streets and making the ordinary socializing scenarios something of the past, as well as projects that look for answers and mitigation actions that can soothe such scenarios. A reflection is intended on the phenomena that approach the city and challenge the creation of new connection methods between its residents and the ones that arrive there – either for leisure, work, war or natural catastrophes. The city life, in its renewing dynamics, invites us to the redefining of space, mobilizing the emerging creativity and the memory of past moments capable of reshaping identity continuities.

We welcome papers, pre-organised panels, and roundtables (20 minutes per speaker) in English or Portuguese responding to the above.
Suggested (merely indicative) topics include:

  1. Architectural Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  2. Moments in Film Studies in the Streets and the Cities
  3. Literary Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  4. Political Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  5. Diaspora Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  6. Technological Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  7. Touristic Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  8. Visual Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  9. Sonorous Moments in the Streets and the Cities
  10. Moments of the Streets and the Cities at risk.

As indicated by the number in its title, this conference is the fourth in a series of academic events based at CEAUL|ULICES.

Submissions should be sent by email to thestreetandthecity@gmail.com by May 15th and should mention the preferred method of participation: in situ or online.