Global Snapshot: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Media, Performativity, and Global Communities

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May 14, 2022
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A Collaboration Between the UCSB Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies and the UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Research Focus Group “What Is a Shakespeare?: Shakespeare and Global Media”

Global Snapshot: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Media, Performativity, and Global CommunitiesMay 14, 2022 from 9:45 AM- 5:15 PM PST on ZoomWebsite: Global Snapshot 2022 is sponsored by the UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center’s 'What Is a Shakespeare?: Shakespeare and Global Media' Research Focus Group, the UCSB Department of Theater and Dance, UCSB Graduate Division, UCSB Department of English, UCSB Graduate Student Association, and UCSB Early Modern Center Featuring Keynote Speakers Peter Eckersall, Ph.D. and Ambereen Dadabhoy, Ph.D. Many scholars have questioned what the rise of globalization, facilitated through new forms of technology, could mean for our ability to study and reach larger audiences. While some media practitioners and researchers have struggled to keep pace, changes to global technologies also present the benefits of accessibility and creativity. Due to the impacts of Covid-19, global media has become an ever more vital avenue for continuing typical social practices in scholarship and artistic endeavors like conferences and performances. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to interrogate the methodologies that have arisen with media development around the world. What is “global media,” and how have its various implementations influenced research and other endeavors? How can acts of formal or everyday performance combine with or be adapted to reach diverse audiences? What do we gain or lose by using various forms of media rather than being in person, or through the labor of keeping up with global media’s rapid developments? Where do ideas of permanence and freedom factor into these developments?