YA Studies Around the World

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June 30, 2022
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YA Studies Association

Call For Papers: YA Studies Around the World

Online Conference

31 October - 4 November 2022

"In 2020, the first Young Adult Studies Association conference asked "What does YA studies look like? In 2022, we’re still very interested in knowing that, but we’re also curious to know what’s changed in two years. How has YA Studies grown? Has your approach shifted? In the YASA’s second conference, we’re still interested in how our members are engaging YA. This online conference aims to bring together diverse, international voices across a range of disciplines, offering a variety of synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for presenting and engaging.

While most CFP’s would offer a list of suggested topics that are in keeping with the conference’s theme, YASA does things differently. Guided by community-based participatory research, this conference will, again, be participant-led, meaning the focus will be decided by your interests. This means, you get to demonstrate what you think is significant in the field of YA Studies by pitching a paper, roundtable, performance, or something else entirely — as long as it is about or concerned with YA or YA Studies. As organisers, we will curate the conference that organically emerges.

We welcome proposals from scholars and practitioners working in the broad range of disciplines intersecting with YA, who are at all stages and career levels, and who are of any race, ethnicity, religion, class, ability, gender, sex, and sexuality. We particularly encourage proposals from scholars working beyond the Anglo-American tradition.

To be considered, please send your proposal and a short biography to yastudiesassociation@gmail.com by 30 June 2022. Proposals may be submitted in any format, including written, audio, and video. We welcome conventional proposals for traditional academic papers while also encouraging participants to push the boundaries of that format. All proposals should convey the format and timeframe of your intended contribution. Please note, to participate in YASA2022, you must be a member of YASA.


30 Jun CFP Closes 

14 Jul Notification of Outcome 

1 Aug Speakers Confirm Attendance

12 Sep Conference Registration Opens

7 Oct Recordings and Transcripts Submitted 

24 Oct Papers Go Live for Registered Attendees 

31 Oct - 4 Nov Live Roundtables, Workshops, Events, and Socials 


(Please assume the above deadlines are midnight your local time on the date listed.)


Please see below for a note from the Board regarding the introduction of membership fees.

Dear YASA members,


From 1 October 2022, YASA is introducing membership fees to help cover the costs of running the Association, including the conference and programmes currently available or in development. Membership will include access to all YASA events activities: 


  • Theory reading group;

  • Fiction reading group;

  • Seminar series;

  • Conference;

  • Access to the YASA Slack;

  • Any programmes introduced within a membership cycle. 


YASA’s year will run from 1 October to 30 September.

There will be three membership tiers, and the option to purchase membership for either 1 or 2 years. 


Membership Tiers:

Tier A £15 

Tier B £30 

A+B £45 


Tier A is for those who can afford Tier A, such as (but not limited to) those who are precariously or not employed and undergraduate and graduate student members.


Tier B is for those members who can afford Tier B, such as (but not limited to) full-time permanently employed individuals. 


A+B is our “Pay it Forward” membership. If you are in the position to support colleagues for whom even Tier A is out of their reach, we would be grateful if you opted for A+B. 


Further details will be released in advance of conference registration opening. These details will include how to apply for a “Pay it Forward” membership. 


We hope that you’ll support YASA in our next phase of development, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.


Kind regards,

Dr Leah Phillips, on behalf of the Executive Board