Call for Articles: Decentering the Center in India

deadline for submissions: 
May 30, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Cafe Dissensus

The issue titled “Decentering the Center in India” aims to probe the Indian public discourse that has become an eco-chamber of polarized opinions on a variety of issues ranging from gender, politics to art.

Concept Note: A number of policies introduced in India in the recent past like demonetization, GST, CAA, farm bills have attracted polarising opinions. While the terms like ‘andh-bhakt’, ‘kattar bhakt’, etc. are hurled as abuses against the supporters of these government policies, the insulting terms as ‘libtard’, ‘feminazi’, ‘urban-naxal’, etc. show a growing resentment against the detractors who do not essentially agree with the government policies. In the face of this extreme situation, numerous citizens are trying to make sense of this polarized atmosphere by maintaining a neutral and objective outlook. However, those being directly affected by the policies accuse this neutral outlook as symptomatic of privilege, of position and distance. This has decentered the moderate center in India as a myth and raises a pivotal question of whether moderate, independent, or centrist outlook is possible when the opinions are extremely divided along the partisan lines which have an adverse effect on the lives of the citizens. What we need is a specifically better understanding of what lies in the center and whether the issues related to matters of politics and principles truly have a center.

The proposed issue welcomes submissions on the following themes (though not limited to them):

· Moderate Politics

· Centrism: Myth or Reality?

· Political Atmosphere in India

· Social Polarisation

· Social Media Activism

· Progressive Politics

· New Left

· Clicktivism

· Cultural Studies

· Postcolonialism

· Gender Studies

· Public Policy

· Etymological Interpretation of Terms like Bhakt, Feminazi, Urban-Naxal in the Modern Context


Submission Guidelines: Submission should be approximately 2000-2500 words. Please do provide a brief bio at the end of your piece. Since the magazine is geared toward both academic and non-academic readers, the citations within the body of the articles must be minimal, in the form of the name of an author or an idea, etc. The issue is planned for online publication on 1 July, 2022. Last date for submission: 30 May, 2022.

Please contribute your thoughts and ideas at with the subject line ‘Submissions – Decentering the Center’.