Medieval and Renaissance Symposium 2022

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2022
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University of Lodz, Poland
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The sixth MARS symposium looks towards a re-consideration of medieval and Renaissance genres of literature, with an emphasis on problematic or borderline cases where a given text belonging to a particular genre is questionable, or where problems are caused by various interpretations or definitions of the genre itself. Those genres can be roughly divided into two groups. One of them would consist of the genres that are often associated with the long period extending approximately between the years 700 and 1700, even though not all of them originate from that epoch, or are limited by it. Here belong such genres as charms and riddles, dream visions, sagas, saint’s lives, chronicles, chansons de gestes, chivalric romances, courtly love romances, allegorical romances, Breton lays, morality plays, mystery (miracle) plays, interludes, chronicle plays, mirrors for princes, exempla, fabliaux, sonnets, ballads, carols, novellas and some others. The other group would include the genres that were widely and successfully practised in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, without being regarded as those epochs’ trademarks, which of course does not mean that they deserve less attention. Under this heading, one might mention tragedies, comedies, novels, pastoral poems, fables, fairy tales and many others. We would like to revisit and reconsider the familiar, or perhaps not so familiar, terms, categories and stereotypes with the help of which those genres are defined and thought of. This year’s MARS symposium will be an on-site event and is scheduled for September 20, 2022 (with no conference fee). Please submit your abstracts (c. 200 words) by the end of July 2022.