Looking For Guests for SPECIAL Podcast Episodes

deadline for submissions: 
August 30, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Writing Remix Podcast

Hi! My name is Dan Dissinger. I'm a professor in the USC Writing Program and I host Writing Remix, a podcast about writing, language, pedagogy, and current events. I would love to have you as a guest on the podcast. 

The aim of the podcast is to explore the role of language, writing, and communication in our changing world and how the work we do in the classroom and in our writing--to embrace diverse genres and literacies, dismantle white supremacy, and revise our ideas about society and ourselves--is of crucial importance, now more than ever. Recently, the podcast won the 2021 John Lovas Award for Outstanding Online Project in Writing Studies and co-founded the Humanities Podcast Network, which held our first International Symposium last year. 

In response to the growing trend of states banning books, women's rights being stolen from them in terms of healthcare, the current mass shooting in Buffalo, voting rights shrinking, etc... I'm looking for guests who want to unpack, dissect, and have vulnerable discussions. 

These episodes will be recorded (audio only) and edited quickly for urgent release because these are urgent matters. Depending on the number of responses, these can be single guest eps or group eps. 

These episodes are not debates. These will be conversations that are foundationed in the pedagogy of Paulo Freire and bell hooks. The podcast is an ANTI-OPPRESSION space. 

International submissions are MORE THAN WELCOME!

Please reach out to me with a small 250-word description of your expertise, idea for the episode, and your free days. This podcast is recorded on the west coast, so all times are in PST. I'm accepting and booking on a rolling basis.

Currently, I'm recording episodes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the time of day is flexible. Each recording usually takes 60 minutes and is conducted via Zoom. If you're interested in coming on the show, let me know what works. If you have any questions, definitely reach out and ask anything you want, and if you want, we can set up a Zoom call. 

You can find our entire back catalog on our website, writingremixpodcast.com.