Celebrating 75 years of Indian Independence: India and Indian Writing in English

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June 25, 2022
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Celebrating 75 years of Indian Independence: India and Indian Writing in English (Call foAkademos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Literary and Culture Studies
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Celebrating 75 years of Indian Independence: India and Indian Writing in English

(Call for Papers for the June 2022 issue (Vol. II, Issue. II) of Akademos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Literary and Culture Studies)


Last Date of Submission: 25th June, 2022

As India celebrated 75 years of its independence, we are encountered by multiple narratives of a geo-political space that has been a subject of normative shifts compulsory for nations to maintain their individuality as well as their adaptive nature to continue their dialogue with other nations. India through these years has passed through a fluidity in its structural, functional and political ideology that has made it imperative to occupy a central role in maintaining relations with the South Asian States at a microcosmic level as well as the macrocosm of the global picture in entirety.

            As India as a nation has moved through multiple junctures, the often-disputed terrain of Indian Writing in English has established its unique individuality that has provided knowledge and solace in difficult times to the world at large. This literature which began in the pre-colonial past is now perceived as a juncture of historical, political and social discourses of a cross-cultural dialogue relating to Identity, Gender, the Queer, Women writings, Subaltern and Dalit Consciousness, Religious and Cultural perspectives, Diaspora Writings and so on. Translations too, have become an important tool in carrying the message conveyed in the regional texts of this country to the readers all over the world.

The present volume intends to call into question the Indian English literature from a multicultural, multilingual and socio-historical perspective. It is to be examined as a mélange of national and diasporic (beyond nation) authors who continue to create the literary body of Indian English as a fertile terrain where the narratives espouse burning issues such as agrarian, labour-centric, anti-imperial, religious, linguistic, Dalit and women’s movements. Moreover, these narratives have  resulted in a discourse at the Global level which has raised questions having worldwide implications.

We welcome papers related to but not limited to

  • Indian English Poetry
  • Indian English Drama
  • Indian English Fiction/ Non Fiction
  • Indian English Diaspora Writing
  • Indian English Poetry
  • Indian English Literature in Translation


These papers may be interpreted, but not limited to,  from perspectives like

  • Regional and linguistic movements in India
  • Migrations and movements
  • Intellectual movements and their cultural forms (art, literature, film, etc.)
  • Social reform movements (religion, caste, gender, peasant, etc.)
  • Political movements (human rights, women’s rights, Gender issues, etc.) 
  • Postcolonial movements
  • Neo-religious or neo-spiritual movements in India
  • Movements of protest
  • Border Issues
  • Indian Culture and its Literary Perspectives

Research Articles (5000 to 7000 words) or Book Review (within 2000 words), along with Abstract, a brief Bio-Note and 5 Keywords in .doc or .docx format, may be submitted to editorakademos@gmail.com for publication as attachments of the mail within 25th June,2022.

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