Women of the World (Conference in Alexandria-Egypt)

deadline for submissions: 
November 1, 2022
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Doaa Omran
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                       Women of the World:

                        Literature, Language, and Translation


The Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, Egypt cordially invites you to attend its international conference on “Women of the World: Literature, Language, and Translation.” It is an onsite conference that will take place between March 9th- 11th 2023.

 Women have always been talented storytellers. Scheherazade, the Wife of Bath, and Sita are prominent examples. The more modern and contemporary Virginia Wolf, Toni Morrison, and Assia Djebar––to name just a few––are prominent writers who have impacted world literature. We welcome papers that explore women as depicted in different genres of literary texts across the world by established as well as emerging writers. Among the topics to be explored are the working conditions of women, political partitions, and domestic spaces. Women have written about the difficult conditions and the marginalization they face at the workplace. Writers such as Susan Abulhawa, Samar Yazbek, and Geetanjali Shree narrate how their countries have been partitioned. In addition to the political, women writers have been exploring their domestic spaces; Charlotte Brontë’s illustration of Thornfield Hall in and Leila Ahmed’s description of her childhood house are suggestive examples. In addition to writing about their little garden, kitchen, and their study room, women have also explored urban and rural spaces. Other genres such as the poetry of native Americans and graphic novel are highly appreciated. In addition to creative works, we would also like to solicit abstracts from linguistic and translational perspectives that examine works written by women. Established scholars, PhD holders, as well as graduate students from across the globe who are interested in feminism and women studies are encouraged to participate in this conference. The topics covered include but are not limited to:


-Working conditions for women                              -Ancient and medieval women

-Women writing national partition(s)                       -Re-writings of Scheherazade

-Women and travel literature                                 - Women and translation

-Women & spatiality (domestic, rural, urban)           -Ecofeminism in women’s literature

-Empowering women and minorities                       -Women and life writing

-Women’s migration and identity                            -Women writing new literary genres

-Women in exile and in the diaspora                       -Feminist critical discourse analysis

-Women, ethnicity, class, and gender                     -Feminist stylistic analysis

-Women in myths and folktales                              -Feminist conversation analysis

-British/American Arab women writers                     -Multimodality


A 200-300-word abstract and bio note are due by the 1st of November. Email abstract and bio to Womenconf@alexu.edu.eg. For abstract submission and registration instructions, please follow this link:




Selected papers will be peer reviewed and published in a special issue by the Journal of the Faculty of Education/Alexandria University and possibly another international women studies journal. Moreover, we are considering a co-edited volume with an international publisher. Date of submitting final papers for refereeing will be announced later.

Friday, March 9th will be a get-to-know each other event and buses will take you on a tour in Alexandria! (The rate is quite affordable)

 Should you have any questions, please address them to conference organizing committee:Doaa Omran (Domran@unm.edu) and Amany El-Sawy (amany-elsawy@alexu.edu.eg).