CFP: International Milton Symposium, Toronto 10-14 July 2023

deadline for submissions: 
July 1, 2022
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Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies
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The Thirteenth International Milton Symposium will be held at the University of Toronto, Canada, 10-14 July 2023. The Symposium welcomes scholars from across the world for five days of lively discussion and convivial exchanges.

Plenary speakers include: Lorna Hutson, Achsah Guibbory, Su Fang Ng, Feisal Mohamed, and David Quint

The IMS Program Committee invites proposals for 20-minute papers on all aspects of Milton and seventeenth-century studies, from established approaches to new and emerging ones. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Atlantic, Pacific, and Global Milton

Milton in the Americas, Milton in Canada

Comparative epic, classical reception, humanism

Rhetoric, language, translingualism

Lyric, music, voice

Genre, form, adaptation

Illustration, graphic narrative, film

Cultures of reading: print, manuscript, DH

Romance, utopia, science fiction

Milton’s schoolrooms

Divorce, toleration, censorship

Chastity, marriage, polygamy

Gender, sexuality, asexuality, queerness

Theology, heresy, orthodoxy

Political theology; law and literature

Sovereignty, kingship, tyranny

Colony, empire, archipelago

Church, corporation, nation

Disability, blindness, plague

Monism, dualism, vitalism, mechanism

Animal, human, angel, deity

Ecology, environment, infrastructure

Anthropology, ethnography, indigeneity

Service, servitude, slavery, race

Milton’s Shakespeare

Milton and Cavendish

Milton and Spenser

Milton and Hobbes

Milton and . . .

Milton studies now


Go to to submit a proposal (500 words maximum), on or before July 1, 2022. Inquiries can be emailed to