The Inevitability of Change: Change as a Process

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July 1, 2022
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SAMLA 94: South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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What is certain is that change is a perennial feature of our human experiences.  Yet, both imposed changes (aging, catastrophes, geopolitical change) and changes initiated by the individual for personal reasons (career, educational, family-based, among others). Is there a generalization of the notion of change?  In which ways is it possible to address the diversity of changes taking place in the immediacy of transformation?  This panel invites participants to engage in the concept of change applicable to diverse situations.  

What are the benefits and risks of change?


In which ways does a changing political, academic, social, or historical landscape engage and create dialogue with diverse stakeholders?  


Possible themes and panel approaches might include, but are not limited to:


-Changing political landscapes

-Changes in the world of academia

-”Before and after” moments

-Narratives on intersectionality, gender, socioeconomic, and/or autobiographical testimonies  

-Changes in the world of media

-Historical rewriting and forgetting

-Changes in support of more inclusive, diverse, and equitable initiatives

-Improvements in areas of science, technologies, and/or access to medicine or technology

Please submit abstracts of 250 words to Dr. Petra M. Schweitzer ( and to Dr. Casey R. Eriksen ( by 1 July 2022.  We look forward to reviewing proposals and to sharing in examining our constantly-evolving cultural landscape together this fall.