NeMLA 2023 | Just Resilience: Climate Justice in a Warming World

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Délice Williams
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While the phenomenon of warming may be global, the effects of it are not. Evidence is clear that many populations in the Global South are more vulnerable to the harm of rising seas, increasing droughts, and more frequent super storms. We are also increasingly aware that in areas of the Global North, political, economic, and social inequities contribute in significant ways to unequal climate vulnerability and resilience. As a result, calls for climate justice are becoming more urgent. But what does such justice look like from different social and geo-historical locations? Whose voices carry in these urgent conversations about what climate justice means, and whose do not? What do vulnerable communities on the front lines of climate crisis have to say about these questions? And in the context of this year’s conference theme of resilience, how might conceptions of climate resilience and climate justice converge? This session invites presenters to take up these or other questions as they consider how writers, artists, and activists from around the world call for, articulate, and/or critique conceptions of climate justice.

Papers from a range of critical and theoretical perspectives are welcome. Presentations that address climate justice as articulated by authors, artists, and activists from the Global South are especially encouraged.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

· Climate migration and definitions of the refugee

· MAPA and intersectional understandings of climate vulera

· CliFi and representations of climate justice

· Indigenous perspectives on climate futurity

· Multispecies justice

· Intergenerational equity

· Conservation & racial justice

· Reparative justice and/in the Plantationocene

· Community resources for climate resilience

· Environmental justice and planned retreat

· Resilience and apocalypse

· Youth/Gen Z calls for climate justice


Abstracts may be submitted on the NeMLA site here: