Transfiction: Characters in Search of Translation Studies

deadline for submissions: 
July 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Vernon Press

We invite chapter submissions for inclusion in an edited volume on Transfiction and Translation Studies.

The edited volume will explore how fiction can be used as a source to approach translation theory and issues related to Translation Studies. Topics may include:

•           How fictional views of translators/translation provide an opportunity to explore preconceived notions of translation

•           The role/task of the translator as it relates to culture and society

•           Power struggles between authors/editors/publishers and translators

•           Ethical issues (such as fidelity/infidelity, visibility/invisibility, translator intervention)

 •          Translator’s gender


To propose a chapter, prepare an abstract of 150–250 words written for a general academic audience. Please include (where applicable) your title, program and department, affiliation, and a working chapter title. Submit your abstract by July 15, 2022, as an attached Word document.


We are looking for essays that will be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length (including notes and bibliography). The deadline for chapters is October 1st, 2022.


Those interested in contributing should direct all correspondence to the volume editor, Marko Miletich (Buffalo State College, SUNY) at: