Call for Papers: The Language of Trees, Forests, and Nature

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September 15, 2022
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Deciduloma - An Academic Journal
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Call for Papers: The Language of Trees, Forests, and Nature

Deciduloma, Volume 1

Deadline: September 15th 

Sometimes rare moments and experiences require new words, so we created the word deciduloma to mean "a visceral reawakening, as if rising from an emotional coma in which you become reintroduced to a beautiful part of yourself long since forgotten or thought to have been permanently lost." 

There are many ways of experiencing this type of "visceral reawakening." One of those ways is through nature. For our inaugural issue, we welcome essays that engage with different aspects of nature through literature, film and television, and other forms of visual medium. 

While we welcome any essay on nature, we are particularly interested in essays that analyze the depiction of trees through an ecocritical, psychoanalytic, or spatial lens.

Deciduloma is a refereed academic journal that is meant to showcase engaging research and literary analysis. 

For consideration, please send your name, university affiliation (if applicable), brief bio, brief abstract (~250 words), and completed essay (MLA format) to:

The length of articles will typically be 5,000 - 8,000 words, but we welcome shorter essays as well. If interested in submitting a book review, please message us with the book title. We also welcome new scholars or authors who might need help working through ideas in preparation for submission to this or future editions of Deciduloma


Diane and Jonathan