Bending Metal: Metal Scenes during and after COVID

deadline for submissions: 
September 1, 2022
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Bryan Bardine/University of Dayton/ Jerome Stueart
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Bending Metal: Global Metal Scenes during and after COVID
Proposals due: September 1, 2022
Like most music scenes around the world, many metal scenes have been deeply affected by the COVID pandemic. This book attempts to examine metal scenes around the world and how they have dealt with the pandemic. We want to learn the effects of the pandemic on the scenes, how the scenes addressed the pandemic, and where the scenes are currently compared to where they were before the pandemic. How did venues change to adapt to the pandemic, how did fans, how did recording studios, record stores, anyone or anything that makes up your scene? We are hoping to share strategies, but also note complications, adaptations, ways the scenes might have irrevocably changed—and what the affect of those changes might have on scenes going forward. We will be collecting and avidly seeking worldwide perspectives. This book will build on themes, methodologies, and discoveries made in scene research with our earlier book, Living Metal: Metal Scenes around the World (2022), to show how a pandemic can stress, alter, or change a music scene and how those scenes recover, or perhaps, how they don’t—and what that implies. We are seeking scholars from around the world—the Global South, Far East, Africa, Europe, North America, Australia—anywhere where scenes have been affected by COVID. We have just learned that this project now has a contract through Lexington Books!

Submit: 1. 500 word proposal which includes;
a. What the theme of the chapter will be: please be connected to the recent pandemic
b. How your chapter connects to scene research, and previous literature on scene research.
c. What area—city or cities, metropolitan area, culture, country—will your chapter concentrate on.
d. The effects COVID has had on the scene being examined—which may include a before, during, and after phase.
e. A working theory about some conclusions you might make/find—obviously a rough idea.
2. 150 word professional biography
3. Your name and contact information—work/academic contact and/or nonwork contact options.