Call for scholarly articles

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Dr Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam



Technology and social media are revolutionizing the twenty-first-century classroom. With teachers incorporating new methods and new learning spaces into their teaching in the attempt to engage and prepare the post-millennial students for the increasingly technological and global workplace, old ways of instruction and assessment are being increasingly replaced the world over. In the context of COVID and remote classes, teaching with technology has taken on a new urgency and dimension. This collection brings together scholarly discussions by teachers worldwide about how they are successfully incorporating new technologies and new learning spaces to engage and educate the post-millennial generation in the new scenario.


Scholarly studies are sought -but are not limited- for an e-book collection in the following areas:

Teaching writing innovatively with technologies

New evaluation methods and new teaching approaches for Post millennials

Enablers, barriers and support for teachers using technology

Digital divides and intergenerational challenges

Technology as an equalizer

Facilitating MOOCs


Using gamification in the classroom


Interactive learning and social media

STEM classrooms and new technologies

Language teaching through technology

Technology in the social sciences classroom

Technology in graduate teaching

Teaching literature and humanities with technology

A chapter should normally be no longer than 6000 words, formatted as per APA, 6th edition, and be original and previously unpublished. If the work has already been published (as a journal article, or in conference proceedings, for example), the Publisher will require evidence that permission to be re-published has been granted. The article should be error-free, vigorously proofed, and free of any language errors. 

Please send your article and short bio to Dr. Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam, Editor & Assistant Professor of Writing, Rutgers University, at If you need time to draft the article, please send an abstract and a timeline indicating by when you can send the article in. 

 The call will close as soon as sufficient quality papers have been received