Ruptures and Resilience: English Studies in the Now

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August 20, 2022
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North South University

North South University

Dhaka, Bangladesh

International Conference in English Studies


Ruptures and Resilience: English Studies in the Now

November 4-5, 2022 

Organized by the Department of English and Modern Languages


~“You may make a rupture, draw a line of flight, yet there is still a danger that you will reencounter organizations that restratify everything, formations that restore power to a signifier, attributions that reconstitute a subject . . .” (Deleuze & Guattari, 9)


Join us for “Ruptures and Resilience: English Studies in the Now,” Department of English and Modern Languages, North South University’s 2022 international conference. Conceptualized with the intention to reevaluate the constructs of thought, relationality, and power within the field of English studies, this year’s conference welcomes papers, panels, posters, and creative works from scholars and students that explore the many ways in which the dispersed branches of English studies assemble, enliven, and interact in our academia. Galvanized originally by the Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s idea of rhizomatic multiplicity, this year’s conference confronts the following: can our academic inquiries—in the fields of language, literature, and TESOL—hold within themselves the potentiality to simultaneously create alliances and stage caesuras? In other words, what are some of the consequences of the coexistence of ruptures and resilience within our scholarly and academic activities? In the wake of increasingly complex, emerging troubles of our current moment—a global pandemic, war, the revitalization of issues pertaining to class, nation, race, and faith—how can our critical thinking make room for multiplicities? From newer, non-anthropomorphized investigations into the agency of the non-human other to renegotiations with(in) the canon which push against Euro-western practices of reason and rationality, how does thought in the field of English studies take shape, make action, build coalitions? How can we merge the call to destabilize with an urge to rebuild?

It is to this end we encourage scholars and students from various fields to submit proposals, papers, posters, and creative works that are in dialogue with this year’s theme. Please note that online presentations are welcome and selected papers will be published.

Avenues of inquiry may include, but are not limited to:

American literature and its borders

Homeland, migration, deportation

Animal studies

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and education

Biopower and biopolitics

Technology in TESOL

Canonical literature in a globalized world

Language policy and planning

Colonial and postcolonial studies

Translation studies

Critical disability studies


Cultural studies and historical approaches

Consumer culture and resistance

Digital humanism

Film, television, social media

Inclusive education

World Englishes

Ecocriticism, environment, literature

Performance and performative art

Ecolinguistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics

Narrative ideas, author identity, censorship, self-censorship

English language pedagogy

Archival research

Applied linguistics


Ethnicity and national identity

Critical race theory

Core linguistics

Decolonizing pedagogy


Submission Details:

300-word abstract for papers addressing any aspect of this year’s theme “Rupture and Resilience: English Studies in the Now”

Email to:

Submission Deadline: August 20, 2022

Registration fee:  International participants: $100

Local participants: BDT 3,000

Students: BDT 2,000/$75