Call for Book Chapters:Empowering Women in the Digital Economy

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2022
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Prof. Richard Boateng, BRIGHT Network and University of Ghana
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Empowering Women in the Digital Economy: A Quest for Meaningful Connectivity and Access in Developing Countries

The Challenge:

In developing economies, for example, women and girls are usually at a disadvantaged end in terms of participation in the digital economy as men often own and use computers and the Internet more than women and girls, spend more time online, enroll in more technology classes, and demonstrate greater motivation to learn digital skills, and access and remain in digital jobs. In terms of access to job opportunities in the ICT sector, for example, women tend to experience more challenges in their attempt to access and remain in digital jobs. This disadvantage may be a result of technological, social-cultural, and institutional barriers, especially for women in developing economies.

Purpose of the Book:

In this respect, the book presents a comprehensive volume of multidisciplinary perspectives on opportunities and best practices necessary for empowering women in the digital economy in developing economies. The book engages this discourse from two perspectives – meaningful access and use of digital platforms and services and the uptake of careers in the digital economy.

By meaningful connectivity and access, we refer to the instance of remaining digitally active online daily, and policymakers and service providers on their part instituting measures and policies to ensure users are empowered whiles being digitally active.

Thus, the book seeks to explore the components of connectivity that matter most to women and girls and help decision-makers and policymakers to adopt the policies needed to empower women and girls in using digital platforms and developing (and taking up) careers in the digital economy in developing economies.


Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group 



  1. Sheena Lovia Boateng, University of Ghana
  2. Richard Boateng, University of Ghana (richboateng [@]
  3. Thomas Anning-Dorson, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Submissions should seek to draw on topics and research issues with respect to the following themes:

  • Section 1 – Women and Access to Digital Platforms and Services

  • Section 2 – Digital Labor Market Dynamics and Women Participation

  • Section 3 – Education and Mentorships for Women in A Digital Economy

  • Section 4 - Digital Platforms and Women Entrepreneurship/ Owned-Businesses

  • Section 5 – Digital Technologies and Healthcare for Women

  • Section 6 – Digital Policy and Women Empowerment

Nature of Submissions

  • Maximum 3000 - 7000 words, excluding references and appendices

  • Written with a formal tone for an audience of academics, researchers, practitioners, managers, and policymakers.


Important Dates

  • Call for Submissions - 1 July to 30 September 2022

  • Review of Submissions and Confirmation of Acceptance - 5 November 2022

  • Virtual Interaction with Selected Authors – 5 to 10 November 2022

  • Final Revised Chapters - 20 November 2022

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