The (Post)Medieval Imaginary

deadline for submissions: 
September 15, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Grace Catherine Greiner

The (Post)Medieval Imaginary
58th International Congress on Medieval Studies
May 11-13, 2023


This virtual ICMS session encourages participants to consider constructions of the medieval past in the Middle Ages and after, particularly as manifested in the interactions between the medieval(ist) literature, historiography, and/or material culture of postmedieval periods. Juxtaposing papers that engage with one or more historical periods, this session will reopen debates about the problems and possibilities of periodization while illuminating how medievalists and postmedieval scholars can productively collaborate across period boundaries.

Potential topics/approaches may include:

  • Popular medievalisms
  • Archival studies
  • Materiality
  • New materialism
  • Media archaeology
  • Cross-period collaborations
  • Periodization
  • Temporality

Paper proposals due September 15th, 2022.


Grace Catherine Greiner or

Jennifer Rabedeau