New Directions in Yeats Studies: Memory, Translation, and Digital Technology

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September 11, 2022
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International Yeats Society
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Call for Papers
Time: October 15-16, 2022
The Venue: Online Zoom conference hosted by Dongguk University

2022 Online Yeats International Conference (October 15-16, 2022) theme is “New Directions in Yeats Studies: Memory, Translation, and Digital Technology.”

We welcome papers investigating memory, translation, and techniques/technology in Irish poetic discourses from the perspective of translation studies, comparative world literature, memory studies, and/or digital humanities. Papers may address how Yeats engaged with Irish and literary traditions, constructing Irish identity through memory and historical reflection, how he collaborated with his contemporary poets and writers to discover meaning in the present, positioning himself in the genealogy of the Irish “poetic tradition,” and how Irish poets and writers and other writers in the world have engaged with Yeats while working on literary translation. Also relevant is how, through development of the internet and digitalization, we have entered a period that opens up for new possibilities in the interpretation, remediating and archiving of texts. In this framework, new ways of approaching Yeats and his fellow Irish poets and writers can be discussed.

Keynote Speakers: Jerome McGann, University of Virgiia, USA; Marjorie Perloff, Stanford University, USA; John McCourt, University of Marcerata, Italy; Rob Doggett, SUNY Geneseo, USA

Suggestions for topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Memory in or of Yeats
  • Yeats, Memory, History, and War
  • Yeats’s influence and/or reception in Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • Yeats and Translation
  • Yeats in a Global context (including Yeats and Asia, and Yeats and the global south/north)
  • Poetics of the Transnational and Cross-Cultural, Modernist and Postcolonial
  • Yeats and Intermedia Art/Intermediality: Poetry, Painting, Music, Theatrical Performance, and Film
  • Yeats and Digital Innovation
  • Editing Yeats in the Digital Age

Please note that papers on Yeats from other perspectives, including innovative new methodologies in the Humanities, are also welcome


There is no registration fee, but all conference presenters are encouraged to be members of the International Yeats Society. For information on membership, proceed to our membership page on the IYS website:

For the latest information, pleease consult IYS Web site

Please send the abstracts of maximum 250 words along with your bio of maximum 150 words by September 18 to: IYS-Seoul 2022 <>

Scientific Committee: Chair: Youngmin Kim (IYS Board/YSK Scientific Committee Chair, Korea), Charles I Armstrong (IYS President, Norway), M. Rita Drumond Viana (IYS Vice-President, Brazil), Wit Pietrzak (IYS Secretary, Poland), Barry Sheils (IYS Treasurer, Endland), Margaret Mills Harper (IYS Board, Ireland), Matthew Campbell (IYS Board, England)  

Organizing Committee: Chair: Youngmin Kim (Former President, Yeats Society of Korea), Jooseong Kim (YSK President), Ilhwan Yoon (YSK Former President, YJK Editor-in- bychief), Joon-Seog Ko (YSK Vice-President), Beau Ra Rhee (YSK Vice-President), Gi Taek Ryu (YSK Chair of Planning), Seongho Yoon (YSK Editor), Chang-gyu Seong (YSK Secretary General)

Sue Jean Cho (Dankook University), Sunyoung Eom (Dongguk University)

Time: October 15-16, 2022
The Venue: Online Zoom conference hosted by Dongguk University.