Arcadiana Call for Contributions for a Special Section: Ecofeminism

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November 30, 2022
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EASCLE Arcadiana: A blog about literature, culture and the environment
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Call for Contributions for a Special Section: Ecofeminism

Arcadiana welcomes the submission of short contributions in the field of Ecofeminism.

The key premise of ecofeminism as we understand it, is that social equality cannot be achieved without environmental equality (and vice versa). Or as Mary Mellor summarises, “[e]cofeminism brings together elements of the feminist and green movements, while at the same time offering a challenge to both. It takes from the green movement a concern about the impact of human activities on the non-human world and from feminism the view of humanity as gendered in ways that subordinate, exploit and oppress women” (Feminism & Ecology, 1997, p1). Thus, ecofeminism can be viewed as an opportunity to deconstruct societal, economic, and cultural tendencies which largely contributed to the current environmental crisis. Informed by these hypotheses, Arcadiana is looking for articles which address these issues, and hence are located at the intersection of feminism and ecocriticism.

Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • ethical aspects of ecofeminism
  • translating theory into action: practical manifestations of ecofeminism
  • women and the environment in the global south
  • ecofeminism and climate change
  • queer ecofeminism
  • exploration of the role of fine art in ecofeminism
  • activism and ecofeminism
  • the examination of patriarchal dominance in nature and society
  • the exploitation of marginalised communities and nature
  • challenging the current schemes of culture of domination ● the critique of ecofeminism


About the Submissions

Arcadiana is a blog about the environment in literature and culture. It is hosted by postgraduate members of the European Association for Literature, Culture and the Environment (EASLCE).

You are welcome to submit contributions of approximately 750-1000 words. The language of submissions is English.

Deadline: We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis up until 30 November 2022. All submissions shall be sent to:

The Editors