Eco-Art and Literature

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September 30, 2022
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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This session explores cultural intersections between the theory of the literature and the topics pertaining to the visuality through iconographic figurations, reflecting creative resilience and bio-sustainability in modern times. Proposals are sought that consider ecocritically the convergences of literary representations and figurative arts in a comparative diachronic light, or those with a particular focus on envisionment of contemporary aspects and the nowadays context. The interest of this session is in visual exegesis and eco-poetical descriptions of artworks but also in analogous thematization of ecopoiesis in the philosophical domain, as well as in social disciplines and natural sciences, thereby creating an interdisciplinary plurality of perspectives. This formal kaleidoscope, inducing conceptual branchings, includes but is not limited to: literariness in the essays commenting on visual arts, showing concomitantly an ecological worldview; literary implications in art-critical writings with a component of eco-mindfulness; figurative idea and literary concept in eco-art publicism and journalism; category of fictionality such as graphic eco-novels and other narratives or visual eco-poetry and concomitant digital aspects thereof; eco-literature through exhibition modes as a part of museal landscape, including forms of cultural mediation such as illustrations of literary oeuvres; video technology and installation art from the sphere of new media regarding ecocritical discourse; typological elements of figurativism and abstract art having a surplus literary sense, such as eco-diary-themed pictorial canvases and other variations; proto-literary nature of eco-related notebooks and epistolary notes of visual artists in the premodern era; compositional and expressive literary characteristics highlighting idoneous intertextuality.

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Abstracts are due September 30, 2022.

All papers on these topics are warmly welcomed for this session at the Northeast Modern Language Association’s 54th Annual Convention, Niagara Falls, NY, March 23-26, 2023.