NeMLA 2023—Affectively Tuning into Daily Experiences of Energy and Natural Resource Extraction in the Americas

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Alex Tough, University of Pittsburgh
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Streaming a movie. Waiting in line for gas. Drinking a tall glass of water. These are day-to-day experiences that rely on forms of energy and natural resource extraction that are often hidden in plain view, entangled with dynamics of colonialism, transnational flows, digital assemblages, stock markets and neoliberalism. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made these entanglements more felt. As such, we are tasked with unraveling these complex embodied and sensorial daily experiences of energy and extraction. In dialogue with the conceptual horizons opened by new materialisms, environmental humanities, energy humanities, posthumanities, and the “affective turn”, but certainly not limited to them, this panel invites submissions that explore the quotidian infrastructures and affects related to energy and resource extraction in the Americas. We encourage submissions of all types, including those that ground their arguments from a critical sensorium and/or engage with non-traditional cultural artifacts.

Please submit a 250-word abstract to NeMLA's online portal ( ) by clicking 'Submit Abstract'.