Beyond Boundaries: Paradigm Shifts in Literature, Linguistics and Translation

deadline for submissions: 
January 15, 2023
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Ain Shams University, Faculty of Al-Alsun

Ain-Shams University

Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages)

Department of English

4th International Conference

19th -21st  March 2023


Beyond Boundaries: Paradigm Shifts in Literature, Linguistics and Translation


Our world has been witnessing drastic changes on different levels and in different fields. It is thus safe to speak not only of changing realities, but also of a proliferation of paradigms in terms of cultural, academic, linguistic, and literary thought and practice. Defining paradigms as means of understanding the world and a basis for informing action, it becomes clear how new paradigms necessitate moving beyond well-established boundaries and restrictions.  The result is more fluid systems as well as new modes and manners taking the shape of convergence, divergence, or transformation.   

This conference aims at highlighting those paradigm shifts and how they have helped to move the boundaries and to change the face of cultural and academic theories and practice.   


Contributions are sought on a range of topics in three main Areas:



-Moving beyond postmodernism: what comes after postmodernism.

-Moving beyond limitations of genre: new developments, modes and media.

-Moving beyond disciplines: inter/ trans/multidisciplinarity in literary and cultural studies.

-Deterritorilization and reterritorialization of culture.

-Network narratives.

-Mobility theory and literature.

-Postdramatic Theater.

-Alternate Histories and Narratives.

-Posthumanism and Identity.

-Geography and Ecocriticism.

-Speculative fiction.






     - Multilingualism and linguistic diversity.

     - Linguistic anthropology and interdisciplinary studies.

     - Reterritorializing linguistic landscapes.

    - Language and migration.

    - Translanguaging as a boundary crossing.

    - Semiotics of culture and language.

    - cross-cultural and interlanguage pragmatics.

    - Ecolinguistics and the new normal narratives.

    - Positioning and identity construction.

   - Critical stylistics and displacement discourse.

   - Optimality in language.

   - language and Identity.

   - Cognitive linguistics and interactive fiction.



- Corpus Interpreting Studies: Linguistic Analysis of Interpreting Corpora.

- Computer-assisted SI and CI Studies.

- Interpreting Universals.

- Speech Recognition Apps & Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (Post- Pandemic Prevalence of RSI as a norm).

- Manifestation of high /low Availability (Drivers and Problem triggers).

-Translation and Migration Studies.

-Localization research in translation studies: localization of websites, games, news, and comics.

-Translation as a service sector: The Economic Turn for Translation Studies.

-The Sociology of Translation Studies: From Text World to Life World.

-Language Engineering and Translation Studies: Machine Translation, Translation Memory, Corpora, Crowdsourcing workflows, Terminology, Lexicology, Multimedia and Project Management.

-Translator as a Machine Translation Post-editor?: Translation, Revision and Post-editing.

-Statistical and Neural Machine Translation.

-Quality Assessment and Evaluation.

-Corpus Statistics for Empirical Translation Studies.

-Exploratory Statistical Techniques for the Study of Literary Translation.

-Genetic Translation Studies: Genetic Criticism and Translation.

-Ergonomics of Translation: Translators and their workplace.





Language(s) of Conference: English and Arabic



All submissions should be via email  <>;

Deadline for all abstracts is January, 15th 2023.

Deadline for complete paper: May 1st 2023. All the papers will be peer-reviewed by specialists in the different fields within the scope of the conference.



For Egyptian Presenters:

-Only  500 LE

For International Speakers:

Only150 $

Attendance with a certificate of attendance:

Egyptians 100 LE

International 100 $

-Conference papers will be reviewed and published in Textual Turnings, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to studies in the general field of English Studies by the Department of English, Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University. Publication fees will be paid separately in the Refa’a Unit independent of the conference fees.




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