One Article about The Hạnh Thục ca or Song of Voyage to Thục needed for a collection on the figure of the monarch in literature and cinema

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October 20, 2022
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University of Gafsa

The (Non)Human and the Monarch in Literatue and Cinema: Western and Global Perspective

This collection studies the relationship between the figure of the monarch and the concept of humanness in literary texts and media works from different historical and cultural backgrounds.this collection examine the relationship between the representations of the monarchic figures they study and the different configurations of the concepts of the human, non-human, prehuman, post-human in Western and Global cultures. Idealizing and demonizing monarchic figures makes them more or less than human in the different and intersecting cultural contexts of their creation and reception. Naturally, questions of gender, race and religion will be raised.  The final section of the book focuses on the humanization and dehumanization of the racial, religious, and sexual other(s) in literary and media works about monarchy from different periods and different Non-European cultures. This is the section that needs more articles. 

In this poem Nguyễn Thị Bích a Vintnamese court lady describes the flight of emperor Ham Nghi of Vietnam who escaped from the French and became the figurehead of an insurrection against occuptation. He was later captured and exiled to Algeria. The poem describes the experience of the court lady during that flight in 1888.  

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The concepts of the human, posthuman, and the pre-human (divine, heroic and mythological) are central to this collection, therefore we highly recommend that your article at least deals with one of them. These concepts are dynamically fluid and this collection wishes to reflect this dynamism. 

Finally, please note that while this book cannot avoid being political, it does not seek to overtly or covertly promote or serve any political agenda or ideology. Any biased views about real sitting or deceased monarchs will not be accepted