Update: Call For Papers for Postcolonial Interventions Vol. VIII, Issue 1, January 2023

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Postcolonial Interventions

Postcoloniality, Religion and Nation:

The focal area for the January 2023 issue of Postcolonial Interventions will be the intersections between religion, nation and postcoloniality. Historically, colonial regimes often worked in alliance with Christian missionaries leading to assaults on indigenous cultures, religions, languages and so on. Postcolonial resistance therefore predictably often involved revivalist religious movements of various shades and creeds and visions of nation were also often enshrined in religious rhetoric. Ironically or perhaps inevitably, such movements have again gained traction across the world, particularly in the subcontinent where belligerent religious nationalisms and vitriolic communal machinations are generating increasingly colonial patterns of violence, incarceration, discrimination and exclusion. Postcolonial Interventions invites scholarly essays dealing with such issues across a variety of media and genres.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Articles must be original and unpublished. Submission will imply that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  2. Written in Times New Roman 12, double spaced with 1″ margin on all sides, in doc/docx format.
  3. Between 4000-7000 words, inclusive of all citations.
  4. With in-text citations and a Works Cited list complying with Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed. (author-date pattern with parenthetical citations) specifications.
  5. A separate cover page should include the author’s name, designation, an abstract of 250 words with a maximum of 5 keywords and a short bio-note of 50 words.
  6. The main article should not in any way contain the author’s name. Otherwise the article will not be considered.
  7. Reviews also need to follow the aforementioned guidelines. However, word limit for reviews is 1500 words.
  8. The contributors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material, including photographs and illustrations for which they do not hold copyright.

Please send your submissions to postcolonialinterventions@gmail.com within 30 September, 2022.