Revista de Comunicação e Linguagens next issue on Decolonizing Visuality: Looks, Minds, Ways of Thinking and Acting

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September 30, 2022
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Teresa Mendes Flores/Universidade Nova de Lisboa e Universidade Lusófona
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Decolonizing Visuality: Looks, Minds, Ways of Thinking and Acting


Editors : Teresa Mendes Flores (Université Nova de Lisbonne et ULHT), Filipa Duarte de Almeida (Université Omar Bongo) and Joseph Tonda (Université Omar Bongo)


We are looking for articles, visual essays and proposals for book reviews on decolonial practices of visuality, which do not focus solely on the vast inventory of the processes of domination of colonial regimes and their contemporary persistence, but which seek to advance the discussion for their overcoming, in the sense of an ecology of knowledge, as proposed by Boaventura de Sousa Santos, which here we want to extend to an ecology of looks and images - an ecology of visuality (Mirzoeff). This concept includes not only material images, but also the social rules on how to look, what to look at, what to see or not to see, the division of the visible and the invisible as an expression of forms of domination, as well as the immaterial images, spiritual visions and mental representations that organize our knowledge and the meanings of the world and its representations.


This issue of RCL is associated with - but not limited to - the second edition of the International Conference on the Counter-Image and the final conference of the research project Photo Impulse. The conference  takes place on 13th to 15th of July 2022, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, under the theme of the decolonization of the look, of minds, and of ways of thinking and acting. Although associated with the conference, we accept proposals from the entire national and international academic and artistic communities and is not limited to conference participants. These, in turn, will see their proposals being treated like those of any other author, through the journal's arbitration system (which is double blind review).


For more information on the topics of this issue, please consult the website of the International Conference on the Counter Image, here ( as well as RCL's website (