The Untold Story and the Journey of Forgotten Heroines

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October 15, 2022
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Salsabil Fakkar/Hassan II University, Casablanca/Nemla
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Women have stepped up and took the leadership in many fields and domains. Whether they led missions in space or under water and oceans the world has witnessed many heroines that changed the paradigms linked to the role of Women, the impact and the touch they made.

How these women face the world challenges? How have they proved themselves? How have they challenged the status co? and what comes next?

This roundtable seeks to not only answer but to put a reflection forward on Astronauts and Women in the Maritime fields and their contribution in creating a new universe more open, free and tolerant towards others differences.

Discussion topics may include but not limited to:

- Women, space and science fiction

- Women, space, and literature

- Women, space and society

- Women and space exploration

- Women astronauts

- Women, ocean and the world of fantasy

- Women, ocean and Marines

- Women, ocean, marines and family

- Gender differences


We invite abstracts that explore this topic from different angles and propose an analysis on what make these women different and able to take on such challenge. The focus will be on women and gender empowerment, this roundtable suggests to create a discussion on how to transform the exception into normal and acceptable to establish a real equality in these fields and empower the next generation of future women leaders in space and underwater.