Petrarchan Landscapes: Exemplarity, Intertextuality, and the Natural World

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September 15, 2022
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International Congress of Medieval Studies (ICMS) Kalamazoo

Panel Title: Petrarchan Landscapes: Exemplarity, Intertextuality, and the Natural World

ContactAlani Hicks-Bartlett, 

Principal Sponsoring Organization: Italians and Italianists at Kalamazoo 

This panel considers Petrarch and Petrarchan landscapes—that is, the toponyms, cartographies, and geographies charted in and through Petrarch’s oeuvre, broadly understood. From his detailed figuration of Vaucluse to elaborate chartings of the Tiber, Arno, and Po; from comparisons of “foreign” soil to descriptions of olive trees and the hills and springs near Capranica; and from classical loci to troubadouric commonplaces, Petrarch gives great attention to the natural environment in all of his work. As Petrarch’s representation of the natural world often has intertextual or exemplary dimensions, we invite papers addressing Petrarchan ‘imitators,’ Petrarch’s own literary borrowings, and other comparative approaches.

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This panel is open to medievalists from all fields, backgrounds, and affiliations.