Revolutionary Violence (Roundtable)

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2022
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Payal Dahiya / Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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March 23-26, 2023
Location: Niagara Falls Convention Center
Hotel: Sheraton Niagara Falls

The study of violence works on constituting different angles through which violent actions take place, while also focusing on the difference in the morality of actions that are thus committed. Since everybody accepts facts in an interpretational setup, the realities of ground zero are ignored. The act of attaining knowledge, as Michel Foucault says, requires digging. Rather than interpretation there needs to be an understanding of the difference between the representative point of view and representation.

Revolution is not just about projecting one’s strength but also weaving with it the sensibility behind the struggle, the result is a movement that is critically progressive and not a weightless step of barbaric violence. A river with its flow carries ideas and sustains civilizations; the sea encompasses the depth, sublimity and sensibility of human civilization. It is the meditative stance of an individual that aesthetically differentiates between a river, the sea and a pond.

This session invites opinions on the dependence of revolution on violence. The biggest lesson any revolution provides is that people make history. They create it. The role of violence in that history is the question of the hour.

This convention will be held in person. Please submit your proposal via the NeMLA portal by September 30, 2022: You may direct any CFP-related queries to Payal Dahiya (

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