Special Issue "Mobilization of Art and Religion in the Hispanic World: The Intersections of Race, Religion, Gender, and Objects c. 1500–1800"

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September 16, 2022
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**Deadline Extended**

**Since these are electronic publications, we have been offered the opportunity to expand our content. Likewise, we recognize that the lessening of covid restrictions has allowed for more research travel. The expected deadlines for delivery of final papers remains the same [1 February 2023], but all abstracts should be submitted by September 16th, 2022. Please note for both journals: all abstracts we select and papers put forward for peer review will have their submission fees waived.** 

Special Issue Information:

Dear Colleagues,

In recent years, academic interest in the movement of people, objects, and ideas has risen significantly, driven by the desire to develop a fuller understanding of history and our current globalized world (Beaudry and Paron 2013, Corcoran-Tadd, Hung et. al. 2021). These interests have forced us to reconsider knowledge, art, spatial, religious, and historical formations, prior to, during, and after the colonial era, as we have recognized for several decades now that colonialism was formalized and transgressed by virtually all peoples involved (Hofman and Keehnen 2018). Further, objects, styles, concepts, and other material artifacts traversed oceans and continents (Callligaro, Chiappero et. al. 2019, Hamann 2010, Hyman 2017). We look to consider the intersections of Hispanic cultural traditions with European (whether Jewish, Islamic, Catholic, or Protestant), Indigenous/First Nations, Afro-Latin American/Afro-Caribbean, and Asian-Latin American in a developing global world. By considering the mobility of peoples, objects, themes, and other social constructs throughout the global Spanish territories, we explore the intersection of disparate religious traditions to consider the formation of new cultural knowledges and practices through the appropriation, assimilation, commodification, fetishization, marginalization, and hybridization of objects and practices.

We invite contributors to submit their research in English for consideration. Please note that there is a two-stage submission procedure. We will first collect a title and short abstract (maximum 250 words), 5 keywords, and a short bio (150 words), by 16 September 2022, via email to Dr. Cody Barteet (cbarteet@uwo.ca), Iraboty Kazi (ikazi3@uwo.ca), and Dr. Alena Robin (arobin82@uwo.ca). Before 30 May 2022, we will invite selected abstracts to be submitted as 7000- to 9000-word papers for peer review by 1 February 2023. Journal publication is expected in mid- to late 2023, depending on the revision time needed after peer review. Each article will be published open access on a rolling basis after successfully passing peer review.

religious art
cultural artifacts
Hispanic world

Dr. C. Cody Barteet
Guest Editor
Iraboty Kazi
Guest Editor Assistant
Dr. Alena Robin
Guest Editor


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