Transcending Boundaries: Finding Hope in the Now

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November 6, 2022
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Students of English Studies Association: CSU Fresno

SESA: Students of English Studies Association CSU Fresno

Call for Papers

 SESA Symposium 2022

 Transcending Boundaries: Finding Hope in the Now


This year’s annual SESA symposium engages critical discussion surrounding existing systems, power dynamics, and the in-between. The conference interrogates how one can navigate current structures to unearth alternate possibilities for the future and transcend dichotomies. These structures can be but are not limited to social, cultural, political, environmental, and educational systems that influence individual and collective experiences. 

Participants are encouraged to identify the systems and structures that create our current reality and use the spaces in-between in order to explore and create a new form of identity and existence. Participants are welcome to explore themes of alienation and marginalization that occur within these areas, while actively seeking to identify the ways in which this state of existence creates a dialogue amidst resistance. 

Proposals might take into consideration historically marginalized spaces, peoples, and cultures, the reclamation of histories and metanarratives, and alternate realities/futures.  We also welcome topics and abstracts that relate to other subjects. Participants are encouraged to view existing structures through a lens that aims to explore possibilities, imagine futures, and bridge the gaps within what already exists. 

Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words and a short biographical description by November 6th to


Papers might address topics such as:

  • COVID-19 and its repercussions (challenges to our healthcare system, attention to the environment, emotional and cultural effects of pandemic histories including vaccine mandates and mask mandates) 
  • The role of governmental power and regulations in our lives 
  • Family systems and dynamics
  • Re-examination social, cultural, and political spaces
  • Power and Power dynamics
  • Environmental Activism
  • Identity (Gender, disability, sexuality, race)
  • White Fragility and recognizing privilege
  • Intersectionality: Breaking Binaries
  • Economic Systems
  • Citizenship and Immigration
  • Policing Religion/ Forcing Religiosity
  • Book Censorship 
  • Reclamation of Narratives, Cultures and Histories 

Important Dates, Deadlines, and Information:

  • November 6th: Abstracts Due 
  • December 8th and 9th: Conference Dates

**Conference will be held virtually via Zoom