Women’s Connection (Due 11/1/22 for CEA 3/30/23–4/1/23)

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November 1, 2022
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College English Association (CEA)
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Call for Papers, Confluence at CEA 2023

March 30-April 1, 2023 | San Antonio, Texas

Sheraton Gunter Hotel, San Antonio | 205 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

The College English Association, a gathering of scholar-teachers in English studies, welcomes proposals for presentations on Confluence for our 53nd annual conference. Submit your proposal at www.cea-web.org

The impetus for a special topic called Women’s Connection is to highlight issues that are women-centered, and thus literature and pedagogy by and about women by their very nature suggest confluence.  This special topic session welcomes scholarship that explores the blending, bringing together, or the conflicts in bringing together, the separation and identity for women in world literature.

Conference Theme: Confluence

CEA welcomes proposals for presentations on the general conference theme: Confluence. The 52nd annual College English Association welcomes proposals for presentations that move to the general conference theme: Confluence. The conference will be held in San Antonio, a city that itself is a kind of confluence: it has been the home of multiple cultures; it has seen the rise and fall of famous missions and military presidios; and it honors in its daily life today its Hispanic heritage and cowboy culture alike. It is no wonder, then, that it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Given all its diverse and rich culture, San Antonio’s authors have taken due notice. The newest Poet Laureate of the city, Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, voices in her #MyTongueIsChallenge, “My tongue, much like your tongue, has the power to bless or curse this land….” Sanderson might as well be describing the whole of Texas’ literary scene. The state has given us such well-known tongues as Katherine Anne Porter, Larry McMurtry, June Fairfax Davis Arnold, and Estela Portillo Trambley. More recently, it has watched as Monica Munoz Martinez has tackled border issues in The Injustice Never Leaves You, and Phillipp Meyer has considered what it means to be a Texan in The Son.

In the diverse spirit of the Lone Star State, CEA invites proposals from academics in all areas of literature, language, film, composition, pedagogy, and creative, professional, and technical writing. We are especially interested in presentations that feature topics relating to our theme of confluence in texts, disciplines, people, cultural studies, media, and pedagogy. For your proposal, you might consider a variety of concepts:


  • Convergence: blending the past and the present—or dividing it
  • Individuality: struggling to find the self in the many; the value of standing alone
  • Heritage: recognizing those who came before and their influence on us now
  • Transcultural life: living in-between; creating a new space
  • Revision: re-seeing the parts that have created the whole; the dangers of privileging one
  • Reclamation: uncovering the forgotten voices; contrasting with the dominant voice

General Call for Papers

CEA also welcomes proposals for presentations in any of the areas English departments typically encompass, including literature criticism and scholarship, creative writing, composition, technical communication, linguistics, and film. We also welcome papers on areas that influence our work as academics, including student demographics, student/instructor accountability and assessment, student advising, academic leadership in departments and programs, and the place of the English department in the university.


Submission: August 15-November 1, 2023


For more information on how to submit, please see the full CFP at www.cea-web.org


All presenters at the CEA 2023 conference must become members of CEA by January 1, 2023. To join CEA, please go to www.cea-web.org

Other questions? Please email me at cea.english@gmail.com and note “San Antonio Conference” in the subject line.


Elizabeth H. Battles

Professor Emeritus

Texas Wesleyan University