Posthuman Animals in 21st Century Texts - ACCUTE 2023 - DEADLINE EXTENDED

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November 24, 2022
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Monica Sousa (York University), Jerika Sanderson (University of Waterloo)
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Title: Posthuman Animals in 21st Century Texts




Monica Sousa

York University


Jerika Sanderson

University of Waterloo


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Humans have a long history of refashioning and manipulating animal bodies. In the 21st century, rapidly advancing technologies have allowed these practices to become even more precise and widespread. Critical posthumanism, a theoretical approach to decentering the human, can allow us to better understand the impacts that these practices have on both animals and humans. Pramod Nayar argues that an important aspect of posthumanism is that it provides “a greater moral–ethical response, and responsibility, to non-human life forms in the age of species blurring and species mixing” (101). With this in mind, how can critical posthumanism be used to consider the consequences of altering animal bodies?

To consider how critical posthumanism can provide essential contributions to conversations about animal rights, identity, and agency in the 21st century, this panel seeks abstracts that explore the representation of nonhuman animals, technology, and posthumanism in 21st-century fiction and/or nonfiction texts. Topics of particular interest include (but are not limited to) genetic modification, de-extinction, xenotransplantation, animals and medicine/pharmaceuticals, and animals as food sources. We welcome abstracts that examine novels, short stories, movies/television, science writing, journalism, scientific/medical discourse, and multimedia works.

Please submit a 50-word bio along with a 300-500 word abstract. To do so, please go to this link: and submit your proposal online. Note: this panel is considered a "member-organized panel."