Routledge Research Encyclopedia of Chinese Studies: Call for Contributors

deadline for submissions: 
June 30, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Chris Shei / Swansea University
contact email: 

Routledge Research Encyclopedia of Chinese Studies

Call for Contributors

Routledge Encyclopedia of Chinese Studies is an ongoing project and part of the Routledge Resources Online with the first series of articles scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2023.

The encyclopedia consists of fourteen sections with 14 Section Editors (SEs) managing the contents of each section. The following sections are seeking contributors for named entries. Each contribution is between 3000-5000 words and is written in English. Please get in touch with the respective SE if you are interested in contributing an article.

The encyclopedia is also seeking an editor for the Chinese science and technology section. The main responsibility is to identify topics and authors in this section and help with the processes of submission, review and revision of the papers. Please apply to Chris Shei ( ), General Editor of the encyclopedia, if interested.

Titles of papers we are looking for (you can also propose a different topic in a section you are interested in writing an article for):

The Chinese Language Studies section (Chris Shei, )

  • Chinese grammar (not generative)
  • Chinese functional linguistics
  • Chinese historical linguistics
  • Classical Chinese
  • Chinese literary linguistics
  • Chinese language movements
  • Chinese language and culture
  • Chinese language and ideology
  • Chinese media language or terminology
  • Chinese political language or terminology
  • Chinese language processing
  • Chinese language technology
  • Chinese rhetoric
  • Chinese loan words
  • Chinese tones
  • Chinese romanization
  • Chinese classifiers
  • Chinese discourse markers
  • (approach editor for other available entries or propose)

The Chinese Literary Studies section (Kamila Hladíková,

  • forms of classical Chinese poetry
  • the rise of baihua and narrative tradition
  • Ming-Qing literati and "scholars literature" 
  • late Qing novel and popular literature
  • May Fourth and introduction of Western ideas and literary styles
  • Chinese modernism and literary experiments in the republican period
  • anything on non fiction, premodern or modern

The Chinese Culture section (Dr Bo Wang, )

  • (The entries below should offer a scholarly rather than general introduction)
  • Chinese clothing
  • Chinese housing
  • Chinese marriage and divorce
  • Chinese transportation
  • Chinese festival
  • Chinese sports
  • Chinese arts
  • (approach editor for other available entries or propose)

The Chinese History and War section (Sui He, )

Chronological Overviews

  • The Palaeolithic to Neolithic
  • Pre-Shang Settlements
  • Shang
  • (each dynasty is an entry)
  • The People’s Republic since 1978

Chinese History in Comparative and Global Context

  • Chinese Empires in Comparative Context
  • Han China and Rome as World Empires
  • The Development of the Modern Nation-State
  • Postcolonialism in the Chinese Context
  • (contact editor for more topics or propose)

Chinese warfare overview and themes in military history

  • The Role of War in Chinese History
  • Pre-Qin Warfare
  • The Qin Conquests
  • Warfare from Han to Song
  • The Mongol Conquest and Yuan Dynasty(
  • The Chinese Civil War
  • China’s Nuclear Programme
  • (contact editor for more topics or propose)

Chinese social activism (Jie Chen, )

  • Wei Jingsheng
  • China Democracy Party
  • Charter 08 Movement
  • Republican Fever Movement
  • Scholar dissidents A
  • Petitioners movement
  • Farmers’ protests
  • Labour and migrant workers’ rights campaigns
  • HIV/AIDS rights campaigns
  • Gay and lesbian rights movement
  • Independent film makers
  • Citizen reporters KT
  • Zhang Zhan
  • International Free Tibet movement AT
  • The Falun Gong movement in exile AT
  • Hong Kong Alliance in support of the patriotic democratic movement in China
  • South Mongolian movement in exile ST

Chinese Society and Sociology (Ting Xue, )

  • Class and stratification
  • Officials in the public service administration
  • Minority Nationalities
  • Han Chinese
  • Household registration
  • Daoism
  • Confucianism
  • Islam
  • Catholicism
  • Protestant Christianity