LL Journal- Dossier Violence narratives in Latin America

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December 1, 2022
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LL Journal - Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures, CUNY
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Call for papers

Founded in 2006, LL Journal (https://lljournal.commons.gc.cuny.edu/) is an academic digital journal managed by the students of The Ph.D. Program in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures from The City University of New York (CUNY). LL Journal is an interdisciplinary space of dialogue, conceived from two articulation points: the linguistic studies and the literature and culture studies in the iberoamerican context. Both points incorporate diverse knowledge and fields such as sociolinguistics, anthropology, philology, history, political sciences, education, philosophy, applied linguistics, gender studies and feminisms, media studies, traduction and studies on visual culture.

The editorial committee from LL Journal calls the researchers and students from all around the world to collaborate in the next issue (xviii), which will be published in the first semester of 2023, with academic papers that approach the two points aforementioned. We will also receive:

  • Critical reviews

  • Creative writing

  • Visual pieces

  • Translations

LL Journal receives contributions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


This issue will have the thematic dossier Violence narratives in Latin America. We invite you to think about the way in which narratives about violence or violent discourses, produced by state agents, activism, journalism, literature and academy, among others, are produced. The revolutions, dictatorships, social mobilizations, migrations or the “war on drugs” are some of the events in Latin American history where the political sovereignty has crossed with the power practices and the structural and physical violence.

Therefore, we call the researchers, professors, students and general public to send articles that, from an interdisciplinary theoretical frame and perspective, analyze the events and processes that are perceived and narrated as a disputed state power, as permanent war experience, as disruptive citizenship ways, as territory decadence of the sovereignty or as linguistic violence or hate speech, among others. 

Manuscripts sent to the dossier must follow the same guidelines designated for the general section of the LL Journal.


Deadline to send the papers (general call and thematic dossier): December 1, 2022

Papers and other contributions will be received through the journal’s email: lljournal.cuny@gmail.com

Complete call: https://global-ship-c52.notion.site/Convocatoria-6f2018f14d6c4d248a04b1bbed28d79b