ACLA 2023: Oral Literature and Its Digital Forms

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October 31, 2022
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American Comparative Literature Association
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ACLA 2023


Seminar: Oral Literature and Its Digital Forms

The growing accessibility to digital platforms has influenced the rise of oral literature, both the revindication of centuries old forms of storytelling, as well as new forms of oral and digital storytelling that employ a diverse array of media, methodology, and forms. This seminar aims at exploring the ways in which oral literature has, is and will be produced, the techniques that are involved in creating these oral literary works, new forms of research, and new genres that have and are arising from the possibilities of digital storytelling.
Some topics may include, but are not limited to:

-Oral components of digital storytelling
-Podcasting and literature
-Oral Histories and Herstories
-Activism through oral literature and/or digital storytelling
-Archives of oral literature
-Comparative works between written and oral literature
-Digital actions in contemporary oral literature.
-Digital re-inventions of oral literary traditions
-Social media activism and art productions
-Indigenous Oral traditions and literatures
-Romani Oral traditions and literatures


Submit your abstracts to: by October 31st