Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Matters at KCL: Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities PGR Symposium

deadline for submissions: 
October 24, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Arts and Humanities Committee, King's College London
contact email: 


The Arts & Humanities PGR Events Committee is delighted to announce that on Friday, 4 November we will be hosting a free crossdisciplinary and hybrid A&H PGR conference under the important theme of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Matters at KCL. The EDIM Symposium aims to provide an exciting and safe platform where PGR researchers across the Arts & Humanities at KCL can showcase how their innovative and impactful research contributes to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.


Alongside inviting submissions for academic presentations, we seek to include creative and radical expressions related to the theme of the conference to capture the holistic nature and significance of matters around equality, diversity, and inclusion. We invite submissions for 15-minute papers, open floor discussions, video essays, poetry, spoken word performances, theatrical pieces, any form of art, or anything else you wish to share on the theme.

Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • gender, sexualities, social class and mobility, age, fatness, race, ethnicity, national or cultural identities in research and throughout higher education
  • concerns around mental health, neurodiversity, and non-able-bodiedness in academia
  • impact of the coronavirus pandemic on marginalized communities worldwide and for PGRs at King’s specifically


Please submit your abstract (c.100-300 words) and a short bio to AH-PGRevents@kcl.ac.uk by Monday, 24 October 2022. While the EDIM Symposium is an Arts & Humanities-focused conference, we encourage submissions from PGR students from all universities to contribute to the wider interdisciplinary conversations and research excellence, and all are welcome to attend. 


The EDIM PGR Symposium intends to showcase a wide range of intersectional issues and establish many diverse, constructive, and interdisciplinary conversations. The morning will also feature a neurodiversity awareness workshop and the afternoon will include an exciting roundtable panel with King's PhD researchers who engage in their research and outside of it in EDI activism.


If you have any questions about your work with regards to the conference, feel free to contact us by email at AH-PGRevents@kcl.ac.uk. Follow us on Twitter @AH_PGREventsKCL