The 15th International Symposium on Comparative Literature: The Imaginaire and (Re)Shaping the World (November 14-16 2023) [Deadline Extended]

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February 15, 2023
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Department of English Language and Literature / Cairo University

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “To imagine is to represent without
aiming at things as they actually, presently and subjectively are.” Imagination is
associated with creativity and the ability to conceive and envision ideas, images,
visions, societies and sensations in ways that transcend reason, and reach beyond
reality. It is a force that ongoingly wrestles with the constitution of reality, and is
credited for having shaped the world as we know it through the cumulative work of
writers, artists, scientists and philosophers. Imagination, hence, produces, creates a
higher reality that becomes the new reality. It is a synthesizing force that oscillates
between the fantastic and the real, the conscious and the unconscious, words and
images, or, in Bachelard’s words, the earth and the wind. This Symposium aims at
investigating ideas and imagined systems that have shaped humanity and new imagined
forms that are changing the world. It invites researchers to analyze paradigms that have
contributed to shaping the world, and explore the emerging paradigms that open up
trajectories for re-shaping the future.
The Symposium aims to cover, but not limited to, the following themes:

• The new theoretic imaginaries: new paradigms and trajectories of meaning-

• Imagination in language teaching and learning
• Analyzing the imagined as mediated through language and rhetoric
• Non-linguistic mediation of the imagined: the visual, the virtual, the artistic
• The imaginaire mediating our being-in-the-world
• The critical juncture of the “imagined” and “the real”
• Imagined spaces, communities and homelands in the precolonial, colonial
and postcolonial Global South
• Imagined (virtual) histories and the re-shaping of the world
• Imagination as a tool for the production of knowledge
• The imaginaire in translation studies
• The imaginaire and cultural translation
• The imaginaire and the psychology of art production and reception
• The Spirituality and the aesthetics of imagination
• Imagination and applied sciences in Archetypal Criticism

Deadline for abstract submission: December 10,2022
For registration and submission of abstract, follow the link:

Registration fees for participants: $250 for foreigners; 1800 EGP for
Egyptians; 400 EGP for Egyptian students. Attendance only 100 EGP
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