Linguaculture Journal - Special issue on CULTURAL EXCHANGES

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November 15, 2022
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Linguaculture Journal
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This thematic issue of LINGUACULTURE deals with mobility and cultural exchanges between Europe and Asia from a humanities perspective, with a focus on the English speaking world. We invite contributions in the fields of literature, language, cultural and translation studies, as well as interdisciplinary approaches dealing with the past or present movement of people and ideas between the two continents, especially in relation to the Anglophone world, highlighting from individual experiences to larger societal phenomena. Papers that focus on representations of intercultural encounters (e.g. travel writing, movies and other cultural products), the circulation of ideas (doctrines, artistic trends, systems of thought) and the outcomes of such mobility and exchanges are particularly welcome.

Contributions are expected by 15 November 2022

Issue Editors: Oana Cogeanu-Haraga and Soochul Kim 

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