“Pulp Fiction” conference

deadline for submissions: 
January 16, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Bar Ilan University
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Invitation for papers for the “Pulp Fiction” conference

To be held on 31 May‒1 June 2023, the conference treats the relationship between society and culture with a focus on popular/commercial literature—romantic novels, romantic detective fiction, young adult literature, children’s literature, science fiction, fantasy, spy novels, light erotica, historical novels, noir fiction, comics, digital poetry, fan fiction, chick lit, etc. For academic faculty and graduate/post-graduate students interested in literature, books, and popular literature in higher-learning institutions, libraries, educational systems, etc. We invite proposals for lectures or panel sessions.


  • Presentation of research trends
  • A platform for research collaboration
  • Examination and analysis of the relationship between culture and literature


  • Literature and politics
  • Social conflict(s)
  • LGBTQ+ representation
  • Geopolitical conflict(s)
  • Inclusion and exclusion of the Other
  • Popular literature in schools
  • Distinctive features of Israeli literature
  • Culture or entertainment

Send your title, 300-word abstract, a brief CV (under 200 words), and correspondence details (name, research field, academic institution, emails, phone no.) in a single Word document to Yaakov Mascetti (yaakov-akiva.mascetti@biu.ac.il) or Anat Koplowitz-Breier (Koplowitz-Breier@biu.ac.il)

Papers should be 20 minutes in length. Panel session proposals should include the names of all the participants and their CVs.

Last date for proposal submissions: 16 January

Response date: 15 March

Conference dates: 31 May‒1 June 2023


Efrat Kaminer

Anat Koplowitz-Breier

Yaakov Mascetti

Department of Comparative Literature, Bar-Ilan University