National Virtual Conference on Contemporary Readings in Literature, Arts and Aesthetic

deadline for submissions: 
October 31, 2022
full name / name of organization: 
Centre for Integrated Social Development and Research (CISDR)
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This National Virtual Conference on Contemporary Readings in Literature, Arts and Aesthetics is an academic platform for meaningful dialogue and discussion on the aesthetic reflections in our socio-cultural, literary and political life. The conference is a joint venture and the following academic institutions areactively taking part in this event:




  1. 1.      Kanchi Sri Krishna College of Arts & Science (Kilambi Tamil Nadu);
  2. 2.      Department of English, Moreh College of Arts & Science (Manipur);
  3. 3.      Department of English, South East Manipur College (Manipur);
  4. 4.      Visual Anthropology Research Foundation (Mysore, Karnataka);
  5. 5.      Karnataka Folklore Association (Mysore, Karnataka);
  6. 6.      Asia Young Indigenous Peoples Network (Ranchi/Philippines);
  7. 7.      RUMBUL (Ranchi); and
  8. 8.      All India Folklore Association (New Delhi).


This call for papers gives an overview of the conference and the essential information required for paper presenters.Modern life is not free from the shades of aesthetics and every aspect of social-cultural and spiritual life is founded on and appreciated by aesthetics.





Aesthetics and Oral Literature:

(Myths, Legends, Epic, Stories, Proverbs, Riddles, Anecdotes, etc),

Aesthetics and Written Literature:

(Short-Story, Novels, Poems, Fiction, Letters, Biography, Diaries, Memoirs, Prose, Drama, Graphic Novel, etc)

Aesthetics and Arts:

(Performing Arts including Theatrical Arts, Visual Arts, Fine Arts including Paintings and Music, etc)

Aesthetics and Non-Art Forms

Aesthetics and Culinary Practices

Aesthetics and Material Culture

Aesthetic experiences across cultures

Aesthetics and Imaginary Experiences

Aesthetics and Ethics, Language, Philosophy, Cognition

Aesthetics and Human Emotions

Aesthetics, Human Life and Environment

Aesthetics and Imagination

Aesthetics and Media

Aesthetics and Advertisements

Aesthetics and Rituals and Rites

Aesthetics and Sports and Games

Aesthetics and Festivals and Celebrations

Aesthetics and Representation of Ghosts and Gods/Deities

Aesthetics and Politics

Discourse on Aesthetics

 Aesthetics and Ideologies

Aesthetics and Gender

Aesthetics and Folk Groups/ Marginalized Communities



Languages of the Conference: English, Hindi, Tamil

Abstracts: Abstracts must be written in ENGLISH 250 -300 words (max.) with clear title.

Presenters:  Full name of the scholar(s), Designation, Department, Affiliated Institution with address, Address for correspondence, contact numbers and email.

Full Papers: 6000-7000 (min.) words with MLA format.

Registration Fee: Rs. 300/-

Publication of Articles: well-written and standard articles will be published by a national publisher for a nominal fee.

Important Dates

                        Receiving abstracts:                                      31 October, 2022

Full paper submission:                                  30 November, 2022

Event date:                                                     16-18 December, 2022


[Note: Since aesthetics involves one’s personal understanding and comprehension, there is no scrutinizing process for any abstracts received, and thus, make it sure that your entry has a logical and academic justification and validity. However, the committee has the discretion to reject any entry for having “ethical violations.” Refund will be processed for those whose abstracts have not been considered for presentation.]


Google form for abstract submission:


Conference email id:





Dr. M. Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor

Department of Tribal Studies

Central University of Jharkhand,

Ranchi (Jharkhand, India)

+91 7053732706 / +91 9199140340