Queer Studies Conference (Asheville NC)

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November 15, 2022
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Queer Studies Conference
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Confernce Theme
Blooming: Metamorphoses and Seasons of Queerness

Nothing stays static in the natural world. The cold and dead of winter gives way to the green shoots of spring, which flower out in summer’s long, warm days, only to wither and fall as the end of the year comes again. In this age of cold-hearted and unenlightened legislators attacking trans rights, a false spring of marriage equality, and (somewhat) greater representation in popular culture, we wonder what season are we in today as queer and trans people? How can we bloom in an ever-changing world and shape those changes to promote better, more just, and warmer-hearted treatment for all?

While we welcome proposals on any topic related to sexuality, gender, queer and trans identities and themes, we especially invite presentations related to this year’s theme of metamorphoses and seasons. Elaborations on the theme might include (but are not limited to):

❖  What new skills and capacities do we need to build a safer world for queer and trans folks?

❖  What legal and/or policy changes best support queer and trans protective goals?

❖  How do we create an inclusive “new normal”?

❖  What is our relationship and responsibility to the land?

❖  What does a “post-COVID-19 pandemic world” look like for queer and trans folks?

❖  Where do we - as individuals, as communities, as a society - need to grow/change to make a better world possible?

❖  What strategies are folks engaging in to survive this period of immense social and political transformation?

❖  What seeds should we plant now to grow the world we want to see?

❖  What does it mean to thrive in impossible circumstances?


Conference Dates: March 24-26, 2023 | Location: Asheville, NC Submit proposals online: https://forms.gle/uVMNtA2zn54etTpRA

For additional information, email us at qsconf@unca.edu or visit https://queercon.wp.unca.edu/


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