Ingenium2023 LAS VEGAS

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January 28, 2023
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Event:    Ingenium2023 LAS VEGAS

Hosted on the campus of the University of Nevada--Las Vegas (UNLV)

in the Student Union Ballrooms

May 22-25, 2023


Produced by:   IngeniumCreatives    



Submission Deadline:    January 28, 2023

Submission Proposal link:  Ingenium 2023 Proposal Form



A Culture of Creativity:  Promoting discussion, creative practice, exploration, and innovation

Ingenium2023 launches with a call for submission in order to generate an assembling of thinkers/doers who are interested in coming together to share knowledge, process challenges, and birth new insights related to the topic of creativity.

Call For Submissions:    

We are pleased to invite you to submit proposals for this upcoming symposium/think-tank on creativity! Considering the nature of and expression of creativity and how creativity might be protected in a range of varied settings, the Ingenium2023 panel will consider proposals for sessions that contribute to this year's leader topic: A Culture of Creativity.


IngeniumCreatives encourage prospective presenters to consider the 'presentation' format openly (extending beyond precedent of conference white paper readings) in order to richly engage and attract interest on whatever topic you wish to highlight. Presentations will make use of allotted time spans of either 90 or 120 minutes (according to what is specified as the proposed duration). Presentations may be delivered individually or by a collective presentation group.

Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • Creativity and Identity
  • How Time is Structured and Valued and the Impact on the Creative Process
  • Being an Outlier in the Community
  • Equity and Creativity  
  • Self-care for Creatives / Mental Health / Productive Routines
  • The Role of Stress in Creative Problem Solving
  • Creativity and STEM 
  • Creativity/Innovation in Educational Standards and Practices
  • Creative Practice and Application in Industry
  • Social Constructs for Creativity in a 21st Century Workplace
  • Neurological Inquiry Related to Creativity
  • Economics of Creativity and Being 'A Creative'
  • Automation and its effects on creative solutions
  • The Practice of Creative Responsiveness
  • Goal Oriented vs. Non-goal Oriented Issues Related to Creativity
  • Seeing the Possible in the Seemingly Impossible
  • Reactions to Creative Flexibility
  • Language and its Limits: How we define "problems" and the creative impact
  • Creativity as a Resource
  • Innovation in the Arts
  • We also invite presentations that are experimental, collaborative encounters


In addition to the proposal of your presentation topic, we would like to know the presentation format you envision for your topic. A session can be (but is not limited to being) a combination of formats (e.g., demonstration/presentation/paper) with a corresponding interactive think-tank element.  Your session could encourage workshopping ideas and practices with outsider bystanders/conference attendees from other disciplines. Your presentation design for your session may include but is not limited to:

  • Round Table Discussions
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Panels Think Tanks
  • Speed Sharing   (Speed Dating concept)
  • Improvisations/Creations/Applications
  • Performance/Demonstration
  • Interviews sessions one-on-one
  • Prompt and response session
  • Manifesto workshop

IngeniumCreatives welcomes contributions for Ingenium2023 LAS VEGAS. The panel is open to considering a full range of presentation formats and seeks to feature a curated collection of perspectives leveraging a range of session designs to achieve a robust consideration of “A Culture of Creativity.”  

What's relevant?

The seeding, cultivating, and harvesting of creativity will be considered relevant. Additionally, fresh, non-traditional presentations will be of interest that prompt an experience of possibility thinking as it relates to how we consider or experience creativity. 

The consideration of “Creative practice” within corporations and institutions for the purpose of promoting imagination and encouraging freedom of expressing possibility thinking to innovate and solve challenges is relevant. 

The consideration of "Creative practice" in and of itself is relevant.  

The relationship between equity and creativity is considered relevant. The consideration of cultivating equity while harnessing the social constructs that support creativity will open opportunities for everyone to respond to collaborative problem solving.  Designing environments for free exchange of ideas and experimentation without fear should be a standard in offices, boardrooms, studios, academies, and communities across the globe. 

In an ever-changing landscape of the 21st century, we are interested in considering how creativity might be encouraged among the population at large. We welcome submission from individuals/groups who are entrenched in the scrutiny of the topic (The Culture of Creativity) and from those who are committed to advancing an applied practice of innovative problem solving. We are interested in collectively exploring how to inform policies and protocols in effective and positive ways. We are also interested in considering how to bring that to the workplace, to administrators, and to governments. We invite you to let us know what you are interested in presenting. Submit your proposal and tell us!


Symposium Editors:

Cathy Allen                  Associate Professor     University of Nevada Las Vegas

Suzie Khalil                  Consultant                  Independent; also affiliated with

Roberta Sabbath         Associate Professor     University of Nevada Las Vegas