Teaching Marlowe: Special Issue of The Journal of Marlowe Studies

deadline for submissions: 
May 1, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
The Journal of Marlowe Studies

Dr Adam Hansen and Dr Paul Frazer (Northumbria University, UK) invite submissions for a special edition of the international, online publication, The Journal of Marlowe Studies, on the subject of Teaching Marlowe.

We’re used to studies and scholarship on approaches to teaching Shakespeare, but useful, current materials reflecting on or offering suggestions for teaching Marlowe, whether at university or school level, can be hard to find (Liam Semler’s 2013 Teaching Shakespeare and Marlowe: Learning versus the System is a recent notable exception).  Equally, teaching Marlowe tends to focus on key texts like Doctor Faustus, overlooking the diversity of his work, and what it tells us about his period, his contemporaries, and the ‘canon’.

This online special edition will rectify this by accommodating diverse perspectives on the pedagogies of teaching Marlowe, and by offering concrete, practical approaches to teaching Marlowe and his works, drawn from and useful to anyone teaching Marlowe anywhere.  The aim would be to create a forum and resource for people to develop and share ways to teach this amazing author.

We encourage contributions from teachers working in any educational context, and in any geographical location.  Contributions can be article-length pieces (7-8,000 words) on what it means to teach Marlowe now, or shorter pieces detailing specific methods or approaches that are or could be used when teaching Marlowe. 

Contributions might consider or focus on:

  • Teaching Marlowe not Shakespeare
  • Marlowe and social justice
  • The place of the stage (or drama) in the Marlowe classroom
  • Marlowe and/as ‘cultural capital’
  • Resources for teaching Marlowe
  • Marlowe and the decolonised or ecocritical curriculum
  • Marlowe and queer pedagogies
  • Feminism in the Marlowe classroom
  • Marlowe and appropriation in the classroom
  • Marlowe in the global/online classroom

Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2023.

If you have any questions about the edition or ideas for a potential submission, please email adam.hansen@northumbria.ac.uk. Please also consult the journal’s author page before submission; we recommend that you review the About the Journal page and the Author Guidelines.