Call for Interviews - Navigating Racial Injustice and Patriotism in the Military

deadline for submissions: 
January 7, 2023
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Bryon L. Garner
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As a Black veteran and scholar, I endeavor to share the story about Black veterans navigating racism and racial injustice in the military through the lens of American patriotism.  Patriotism in America is not one dimensional but is experienced in many varied ways based upon the social and cultural positionality of the individual experiencing this phenomenon.  Patriotism for many Americans is most explicitly manifested in the decision to join the military.  The decision to enlist in the military is shaped by several individual and external factors that include personal beliefs, personal experiences, as well as social, cultural, and political positionality.  I believe veteran narratives are important for understanding patriotism in America and this is especially so regarding the narrative voices of Black veterans.

I invite Black veterans from all eras to be interviewed for my upcoming book that will look at how Black veterans reconciled their experiences – why they joined the military, how they navigated race and racism in the military, how they reconcile racial injustice and patriotism, and what they feel about the future of our democracy.  This is an opportunity share your story and your perspectives based upon your experiences. 

It would be an honor to have you.

I can be contacted at to set up a Zoom appointment.