Place, Region, and Local/Indigenous Cultures (Cultural Identities) in Anglophone Literatures and Culture

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December 7, 2022
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University of Presov, Slovakia
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Place, Region, and Local/Indigenous Cultures (Cultural Identities) in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures International Conference, University of Prešov, Slovakia December 7th-8th,2022


The early stages of the development of American literature in the 19th century, in his novels Mark Twain depicted and emphasized a specificity of place and region, especially the American South. Later, in American literature, the genre of the western depicted a specificity of the American West and the frontier culture, for example. A depiction of place and region did not point out only a geographical and natural but also cultural specificity of these regions connected with cultural identity of various communities living on this territory such as Native Americans, African Americans, Latino/a Americans and others. Thus the authors´ interest in the specificity of place, region and local cultures stimulated the interest of literary scholars in studying literature related to place and region later. More recently, also human geographers such as Ti-Fu Yan, Relph, Augé and others started to discuss the connection between place, urban and cultural environments. At the other time, the place and space as connected with the postmodern period and often urban environment have been understood as entities losing their specificity because of the uniforming power of modern technology and globalization (Augé and his concept of non-places, for example). This conference´s aim is to explore the connection between place, space, region and cultural identity and various ways these relations manifest themselves in Anglophone literatures, films, arts and cultures with the main emphasis oAmerican, Australian, British and Canadian literatures and cultures. The conference topic can be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective including various approaches and disciplines such as Literary, Cultural, Social, Film, Philosophical, Media and Film, History, Gender, Linguistics, artistic and other Studies. This conference is a part of the research projects 035PU-4/2021 focusing on cultural identity of the region and indigenous literatures and cultures and KEGA 019TTU-4/2021 focusing on digital technologies and teaching and invites papers focusing on a depiction of place, region and space as connected with the specificity of cultural identity of this region and particular cultures such as Native American, African American, Latino/a American, Hawaian, Australian Aboriginal cultures, Inuit Cultures, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other cultures in Anglophone Literatures, Films and Arts. The papers may focus on but are not limited to the following themes: - place, region and cultural identity in Anglophone Literatures and Arts - depiction of the place and region (the American South, American West, Hawai, Alaska, Ireland and Irish Regions, Scotland and Scottish Regions, Wales and Welsh regions, Tasmania, Western Australia, Ontario/Quebec in Canada, etc.) as connected with ethnic communities in Anglophone Literatures and Arts (Native Americans, African Americans, Latino/a Americans, Asian Americans, Australian Aborigines, Inuit Cultures, Hawaian Indigenous People, etc. - The American West, the Southwest, Chicano/a and Hispanic American Literature, Arts and Cultures - Aztlán: Place, Region and Cultural Identity - The American South and African American Literature, Arts and Cultures - Place, Region, Cultural Identity and Postmodernism in Anglophone Literatures, Arts and Cultures - City as a Place, Region or Non-Place? (Augé, Lipovetsky) - Place, Region, Indegenous Cultures and Spirituality and Philosophy in Anglophone Literatures, Arts and Cultures - Regional space and culture and their relation to national and global cultural, social, geographical and economic space - Place, Region, Human and the Post-Human Culture and Identity - place, region, Indigenous cultures, media and technologies in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures - Place, Region, Cultural Identity and Popular Culture/s - place, region as a clash of cultures in Anglophone literatures and arts - natural and urban places within the regional - Fantastic place/space/region and cultural identity-is there any connection? - Linguistic specificity of a region and its cultural Identity - Didactic aspects/Teaching Place, Region and Cultural Identity The conference will be held in person. Papers should be prepared for 20-minute presentations which will be followed by a discussion.The city of Prešov is easily reached from the international airport in Košice which is some 40 kilometers from Prešov. Košice airport has direct flights to London, Vienna, Prague, Dublin and other cities (check Ryan Air, Austrian Air, Czech Airlines and others).

Abstracts of proposed papers (200-300 words) should contain the title, name of the author and contact information (institutional affiliation, mailing address and email address). The abstracts including a short c.v. should be sent to by November 15, 2022.

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The participants will receive notification of acceptance by November 20, 2022 The select papers will be published. The conference language is English.

Conference fee: EUR 80

Early Bird Rate: EUR 60 Doctoral students EUR 50

The registration fee does not include travel expenses and accommodation. The conference fee will cover organizational, technical support, refreshment during the coffee breaks and reception. The conference fee is to be paid no later than November 30th 2022 via bank transfer to the bank account specified after your paper is accepted. BOOK SHOW, BOOK LAUNCH, Reading Each writer, conference participant, or publishers will have an opportunity to present their works at the conference.

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Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Kušnír, PhD.


Professor Howard Wolf, PhD., State University of New York at Buffalo Prof. PhDr. Anton Pokrivčák, PhD. Prof. PhDr. Michal Peprník, PhD., Palacký University at Olomouc Prof.PhDr. PhDr. Silvia Pokrivčáková, PhD. PaedDr. Miloš Blahút, PhD. Dr. Jonathan Gresty, PhD. Dr. Jonathan Eddy Mgr. Jakub Souček, PhD. Mgr. Juliána Pavlinská